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You are about to experience first hand a FREE traffic exchange program that is unlike any other you have ever seen. We have introduced this program to create advertising exchange partnership alliances. These alliances will help boost traffic to each others' sites.
We can send guaranteed visitors to your website -- starting immediately!
The Advertising X-Change program will boost your traffic. This is the most obvious benefit. But the biggest benefit is that the more traffic we send to your site, the more popular it looks to some search engines. Most search engines rank sites based on how much traffic they receive. The more traffic you have, the higher your search result. Not only are we helping to promote your site by increasing traffic, but the result can potentially turn into sales.
How does it work?  

We send traffic to your site in two ways. One is "Site Redirection" and the other is "Email AD Placement".


Site Redirection

This is guaranteed traffic to your site. These are redirected visitors (not popups or pop-unders) from our Online PDF Conversion Service. They are real people who use our online service. Our users convert thousands of documents to PDF on a daily basis. Each time a conversion is processed, our users are redirected from our site to one of our Adverting X-Change partner's sites. This type of redirected traffic is better than a popup because many web browsers have popup blockers that do not allow popups to be viewed. We can drop many of our users right on your doorstep, whenever you are ready!


Email AD Placement

Your text ad will be placed on emails to our users. For example, product name/description and link. After our Online PDF Conversion users convert their documents, an email is sent to them with a link to download their resulting PDF. Every email sent would contain an Advertising X-Change partner's ad to promote their product or service.
For a demonstration of the above, simply convert a file using our online PDF conversion service. Convert File
Why is this free?  
We want to partner with you to create a network alliance to generate more web traffic. Together we can help each other grow our potential customer base. In return for us providing visitors to your site, you agree to show our banner ad on your site.
Please read the following rules beforesubmitting your application.
Member agrees to place one Kinati banner ad code on their website for every individual submission. There is a maximum of three submission permitted per company for any products or services they wish to promote. (For example: A company may submit up to three applications to promote three of their products and services. In turn, they agree to place three Kinati banners on three separate pages on their website.)
Member agrees not to alter the banner code, as provided by Kinati. Your campaign will stop automatically if you remove, or alter, the banner code on your site.
Member may cancel the Advertising X-Change Program at any time with minimum 24-hour notice.
The Advertising X-Change Program is provided 'as is'. Kinati makes no guarantee of availability of the Advertising X-Change service, uptime, etc.. Pornography, illegal activity, racist and sex-related websites are prohibited from our Advertising X-Change Program.
We will prohibit from our Advertising X-Change Program any page or site that contains adult material, links to adult material, hate, warz, raciest, illegal activity or other objectionable information or content. This rule is at our sole discretion and is not negotiable. Offending sites will simply be ignored.
We review all sites before we activate a member's campaign.
Kinati reserves the right to reject or cancel any member at our sole discretion.
Kinati reserves the right to modify these terms at any time, without notice.
By using the Kinati Advertising X-Change Exchange Program, you agree to the above terms. Any violation may result in the cancellation of your campaign.

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